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The Maine

Formed in Phoenix, AZ, in 2007 while most of the bandmembers were still in high school, the Maine turned their '90s radio rock band influences into a generic but still infectious pop-punk sound. Featuring singer John O'Callaghan, guitarists Kennedy Brock and Jared Monaco, bassist Garrett Nickelsen, and drummer Pat Kirch, the Maine signed to Fearless Records and released a five-song concept EP, The Way We Talk, in 2007. After performing on the 2008 Vans Warped Tour, the band released their debut album Can't Stop Won't Stop, which was produced by Matt Squire.


Posted by Dave on 12/09 at 09:31 PM


Look out! I’ve got too much soul for the world!” growls Hockey singer Ben Grubin on opening track “Too Fake” channeling the swagger of a raspy Rod Stewart. And judgingby the spring-loaded bass line and buoyant drum keeping up behind him, this is the sort of hit song that comes around only once in an iPod’s life cycle: it’s the perfect meeting point between downtown New York and the seedy streets of London.


Posted by Dave on 08/26 at 11:00 AM


While it's true that you have to wait for inspiration to strike, there’s comfort in knowing it will inevitably arise, even if you have to look all over the globe for it before you find it—or so goes the logic behind the epic recording process of Phoenix's new studio album


Posted by Dave on 08/26 at 10:52 AM

The Dead Weather

I was told to pick a CD that’s hot=2 0 in my life for a “staff pick”, but to be honest with you I have not listened to a ton of new stuff lately. Mostly just some old school Aerosmith and the Smiths and things like that...


Posted by sinclair on 07/23 at 06:59 AM